Wednesday, August 23, 2006

King Parrots


Up until now,I tended to think of the King Parrots are being rather shy birds,but this guy was around before the tree-loppers arrived and this shot was taken within 15 minutes of them leaving.
The feed bowls that had been at the front of the house had been relocated to the side,in this thicket and as you can see the parrot apparently was unaffected by chain saws,wood-chippers and strangers!

All we want now,is good soaking RAINS!
...after I spread that mountain of mulch. Posted by Picasa

The end result


The fellows have departed after a couple of hours,and this is now the view of the front of the house.
The cockatoos have been and voiced their disapproval over losing their feeding station,but the King Parrot was seen happily munching seed from a relocated tray.

In the process in cleaning up long grass near one of the sheds,a Black snake was disturbed...........I'm hoping it continued east across the paddocks.
The weather is warming up.....about 26 degree C,so we're getting closer to "snake season"---time to watch where you step! Posted by Picasa

What have I done!

This is what my front yard looked like at 7am today!
Since then,the tree-loppers have arrived to do a clean-up!

For the longest time,I've delayed the decision about a short-back-and sides for the vegetation,because:
1.. it would upset all the birds that come to visit
2..make it difficult for the possums to have races on the roof
3..I hate leafless,branchless trees!

Okay,the men arrived and have been ruthless!

(I'll post pics later to show what I mean)
In the meantime I feel devastated at what I've permitted to happen.

My head says "It had to be done before the onset of the storm season"

My heart bleeds at the stark reality!

I can only pray that we have a good Spring/growing season and all returns to lush vegetation.

At least the northern side of the yard is still leafy, so the birds still have refuge and the possum box is undisturbed. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Time for a dip

One of the reasons I changed cameras,was the hope that I'd manage better bird shots.!
I have a loooooong way to go!
These "double bar finches" were checking out the water for a splash! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend away

Taken from the Murwillumbah Art Gallery lookout east to the coast.Gorgeous country! Posted by Picasa

South of the border..........

I ventured "south of the border" last weekend,into northern New South Wales into the Tweed Valley area and was nearly blown off Point Hastings by gale force winds.
I love the sea when she's wild and free!
Both these photos were taken from the same spot:the first is looking north,the second is to the South; and taken only five minutes apart!