Sunday, January 28, 2007

Forty six years

Today is our forty sixth wedding anniversary
Although Perth is experiencing similar tempretures to what we had that Australia Day weekend it is slightly cooler here in south east Queensland where we now live!

Forty six years ago this weekend,Perth was in the grip of a heatwave;parts of the southwest of the state was under siege by bushfires;The little town of Dwellingup was of my cousins lived and worked there and for a couple of days we had no idea whether he and his family were safe or not (remember we had NO mobiles or cell phones then and telephone systems were down due to the fires)

Oh our wedding day! The start of an interesting life,downs; joy,tears,laughter and heartbreak.
And except for the heartbreak of losing our second son I wouldn't change a thing.
Thanks Ken for being the best thing to happen to me!

We are re-locating,as some of you know,and today's debate with our family centred on WHAT to name our new home----
Do we take the Kenmark sign on the gate,or let our son Mark have it?
Do we choose KenMaurs where have I seen that before?
Or maybe settle for Kurlies Kottage?

The jury is still out.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Possum up a mango tree

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Remember this?

Round about December 13 I managed this pic of Mumma Ringtail and her two "babies" balancing on the electricity inline to the house.(western side)

Two weeks ago the birds made me aware of one of the babies sheltering in the Mango tree on the eastern side of the house.

This afternoon.some blue-browed honey- eaters and a magpie were proclaiming that "something" was not quite right!'
There in the upper canopy of the Mango tree were two (smallish) ring-tailed possums.

Maybe the fact that next door to the Mango is an "icecream tree" which is both flowering and fruiting has some influence on WHY the juveniles are camping there............ Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day 2007

Today is our National day,when we commemorate the beginning of modern Australia in 1788. Today is for me and my family a fervent Thanksgiving that we are privileged to live in such a wonderful FREE and democratic country.

To my Australian friends: Happy Australia Day! Posted by Picasa